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KONKAR SHIPPING AGENCIES S.A., or simply "KONKAR" as the company is widely known, was established in 1968. At the beginning the Company was a subsidiary of the ARCHIRODON Group of Companies, which was established in 1960 as a joint venture between Greece's then two largest construction companies.

Later two offices were opened, the first in New York's World Trade Centre, under the name of ARKON SHIPPING AGENCIES, and the second in Piraeus under the name of KONKAR SHIPPING AGENCIES S.A. with emphasis on newbuilding Bulk Carriers.

The Company's first vessel "KONKAR PIONEER", a 45,000 bulk carrier, was built by Mitsui Shipbuilding, Japan and was delivered in June 1968.
Over the next five years Mitsui Shipbuilding delivered to KONKAR the following vessels:

  • 1970 - M/V KONKAR RESOLUTE (DWT 45,000)
  • 1971 - M/V KONKAR INTREPID (DWT 77,000)
  • 1972 - M/V KONKAR INDOMITABLE (DWT 77,000)
  • 1973 - M/V KONKAR VICTORY (DWT 77,000)

In 1974 the Company placed an order for a 225,000 DWT OBO Carrier at Uljanik Shipyard Pula, Yugoslavia. The vessel was named "KONKAR THEODOROS" and was delivered in April 1977.

In 1976 the Company purchased a two year old OBO Carrier (234,000 DWT) from Norwegian owners, the "KONKAR DINOS". Later in the year an order was placed for six 24,000 tons multipurpose container ships again from Uljanik Shipyard, Pula, with delivery schedule in the years 1980, 1981 and 1982 (KONKAR TRITON, KONKAR DORIS, KONKAR THETIS, KONKAR POSEIDON, KONKAR NEREUS, KONKAR TRIAINA).

In the same year KONKAR placed an order for a 76,000 DWT OBO Carrier in Germany, to be named "KONKAR HYPHESTOS".

In 1984, all the Company's operations were relocated from New York to Athens.
In 1987, the original Owners decided to separate the company. Just before the separation the six multipurpose container ships had been sold. After that, KONKAR SHIPPING AGENCIES S.A., owned and operated the following vessels: M/V "KONKAR PIONEER", M/V "KONKAR INTREPID", M/V "KONKAR VICTORY" and M/V "KONKAR DINOS".

During the 90's, the Company invested in four second hand Panamax dry bulk vessels:

  • M/V KONKAR STAR (built 1985, DWT 69,620)
  • M/V DIMITRIS PERROTIS (built 1984, DWT 64,933)
  • M/V KONKAR THEODORA (built 1985, DWT 65,282)
  • M/V KONKAR LYDIA (built 1982, DWT 65163)

From 2000 onwards KONKAR has been active in the following
S & P transactions:


  • 2002 - M/V KONKAR THEO (built 1994, DWT 45,232)
    M/V KONKAR MAROULA (built 1997, DWT 72,126)
    M/V KONKAR ALIKI (built 1998, DWT 73,798)
  • 2003 - M/V KONKAR GEORGIOS (built 1997, DWT 46,670)


  • 2003 - M/V KONKAR STAR I
  • 2004 - M/V KONKAR ALIKI
  • 2007 - M/V KONKAR LYDIA
  • 2012 - M/V KONKAR THEO

In 2013 the Company places orders for eco-efficient bulk carriers in Japan and China. Two 60.500 DWT vessels (FUTURE 60) were ordered in Japan Marine United and one Kamsarmax 80,500 DWT vessel was ordered at New Yangzijiang Shipyard in China

Today the Company manages the following vessels: ALIKI PERROTIS, KONKAR THEODOROS, KONKAR VENTURE.

The Company's policy since its establishment puts great emphasis on the human factor. Most of its office personnel and crew (mainly Greek officers and Fillipino and Ukrainian ratings) have a long established relationship with the company. All seagoing staff are selected and recruited with caution to meet the highest standards set out by STCW'95. All of the Company's Officers have attended seminars and special training sessions dealing with on-board safety as well as environmental protection.

KONKAR is a long time member of HELMEPA. The Company's safety requirements set out by ISM rules and regulations are strictly implemented. The ISM Code has been introduced since the 12th of March 1998 and the ISO 9002 certificate has been acquired since the 23rd of June 1998. Seminars and special training sessions are also followed by our shore personnel, who have a vast experience in the shipping industry, most managers evolving from active sea-going careers.

Since it's founding in 1968, the company has been a member of the Britannia Steam Ships Insurance Association. H&M Underwriters consist mainly by American, Norwegian and Italian syndicates and KONKAR enjoys an excellent record.

KONKAR SHIPPING AGENCIES S.A. has a well established reputation in the international shipping community for the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability.